Book Appointment

Search top doctors near-by and book an appointment.Patients can conveniently management appointments, connect to doctors anytime/ anywhere. Patient can appointment in One-Tap.

Call / Chat

Patients can call and chat with doctors anytime & get advise on medical condition, share personal details and all is secured and confidential.Discuss your health problems with experienced doctors before it is too late.

Patient EMR

Why to carry hard copies of the Electronic Medical Records while meeting a doctor. DocExa made it simple, fill and share your complete electronic medical record and connect with the doctors at one instant.

Health Tips

Patients can get knowledgeable health tips from connect doctors at regular interval of time. Health tips can educate the patients to keep there health stable

My Credits

Patient’s can observe and maintain the complete transactions actually done with doctors. Transactions like - Appointment charges, Call charges, Chat charges, Wallet Addition, Refunds.