Doctor’s can maintain complete appointments of the patient’s. Doctors can see past-today-Upcoming appointments at one tap. Doctors can also view the cancelled appointments of the patients.

Call / Chat

This feature where patient’s can call and chat with doctors. DocExa makes it possible the easy conversation between doctor and patient through Call/Chat feature.

Rate Card

Doctor’s can set fees for multiple health centres with sitting timings.

Vaccination & Growth Chart

This feature is designed especially for the Pediatricians. Here Pediatricians can find the already set vaccines chart with respective to the date of birth of child. Growth chart shows the weight, height and head circumferences readings of the child with respective to age.

Patient EMR

Doctors can see the patients electronic medical records. Patient’s EMR includes – Medical Record, Health Parameter, Vaccination History, Pill Reminder, Health Insurance and Menstrual Cycle.

Health Tips

Doctor’s can insert the health tips for the patient’s at regular interval of times.

Scientific info

Doctors can redeemed the coupons to get the scientific information.


Doctor’s can communicate with patient’s through webinars and explore the healthcare knowledge.

Pharma Connect

Pharma connects with Doctor’s for medicines and vice-versa. Doctors can file adverse drug reactions through DocExa which provides real-time access of ADR reports to pharmaceutical companies and helps them to improve the quality of drugs.